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There are over 150 000 damaged residential buildings in Ukraine (estimated by Kyiv School of Economics as of March 2023). Irpin is a city just outside of Kyiv that has heavily suffered during Russian invasion, in February-April 2022.

Over the past year, many places in Irpin have been cleaned up and the infrastructure has been repaired, but individual homeowners who have lost all their belongings are in the most difficult situation. Especially since over a third of the population has lost their jobs and most of their paychecks have been cut.


The goal of the project is to support local churches and organizations in their efforts to help victims of the war in Ukraine. We aim to provide financial assistance to rebuild or repair homes that have been affected by the conflict since February 2022.

Having the first pilot projects finished, we are determined to support 100 families in their efforts to get back home.


How does it work?

In order to receive aid with essential materials and construction works, affected families can apply to local partners for assistance. The local partner will evaluate the scope of support and its priority, with a focus on helping the elderly, families, and those who have lost their source of income. The local partner will also verify the validity and significance of the reported needs.

Our responsibility is to provide financial support for these activities. Additionally, individuals in the most challenging circumstances may qualify for a basic modular home.

Help the
families of Irpin
return back home

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