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The Team

Board of directors

Henryk Skrzypkowski

Mateusz Wichary

Elżbieta Żukowska - Bubienko

Jonasz Skrzypkowski

Board of supervisors

Grzegorz Gawrych

Wojciech Kowalewski

Leszek Wakuła


Jonasz Skrzypkowski – Director

Joanna Marcyniak – Assistant to the Director 

Viktoria Pliskunova - Project manager


Henryk Skrzypkowski 

President of BCA Poland since 2021


Henryk Skrzypkowski (Born in 1967), husband to Bogumiła and father of seven biological children and nine foster children, three of whom have Down syndrome. Henryk has been involved in pastoral ministry since 1991. He has been working with churches in Ukraine for over 30 years to share the gospel and disciple believers. 

  • Skrzypkowski's family became a foster family in 2006. In the years 2013-2021, he served as a vice-president of the Polish Baptist Union. 

  • In 2014 Henryk and Bogumiła received Crosses of Merits from the Polish President, Bronisław Komorowski to recognize their service to the state. 

  • In 2021 Henryk took the presidential position in BACh. He is currently a pastor of a Baptist church in Chełm, a city in eastern Poland just a dozen miles away from the Ukrainian border. 

  • He is passionate about the history of Poland and likes spending his spare time outside of the city.

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Jonasz Skrzypkowski 

Director of BCA Poland since 2022


Jonasz Skrzypkowski (born in 1992), studied law, and theology at WBST. Initially as a volunteer, Jonasz has been coordinating projects at BCA Poland - since July 2022 as an official team member. He has been based in Warsaw since 2011 and since October 2022 has been partially living in Ukraine, where he works with partners there and plans further BCA activities.

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