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Ми переконані, що молитва змінює реальність навколо нас. Ніхто не молився більше, ніж Ісус, ми повинні робити те саме.

Хто живе в покрові Всевишнього
буде спочивати в тіні Всевишнього.
Я скажу про Господа: Він мій притулок і моя фортеця,
Боже мій, на якого я довіряю».


How does it work?

With the funds donated to this project, we buy products from local wholesalers in Poland - mainly dry food (pasta, rice, groats, oatmeal, sugar, modified milk) as well as jarred and canned food. It also includes a hygine box which contains the basic products for everyday use


This way, we can make the most efficient use of funds dedicated to humanitarian aid. The cost of each pallet is about 3,500 PLN, which is roughly 808 USD / EUR. Each pallet weighs about 500 kg / 1,100 lb and serves hundreds of meals (can feed around 100 people for a week of 2,500 kcal per day).


We encourage local churches and groups of friends to assemble a complete pallet by donating to the #doanteapallet project and provide a whole large pallet of food that can be prepared in Chełm in Poland and delivered to Ukraine from there through our logistics partners.


We are currently accepting donations via bank transfers and PayPal. Title the donation with "Donate a pallet".

Transports destinations

Our transports with food and hygiene items have already reached more than 20 localities. See on the map where we have managed to deliver humanitarian aid!

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